Siji P. Joy

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[1] Mirror mode waves are commonly observed in planetary magnetosheaths. Their magnetic signatures are often periodic but occasionally appear as intermittent increases of field magnitude (peaks) or as intermittent decreases (dips). We define quantitative mirror structure identification criteria and statistically analyze the distributions of the various(More)
A methodological study on significance of image processing and its applications in the field of computer vision is carried out here. During an image processing operation the input given is an image and its output is an enhanced high quality image as per the techniques used. Image processing usually referred as digital image processing, but optical and(More)
This brief proposes an area and speed efficient implementation of symmetric finite impulse response (FIR) digital filter using reduced parallel look-up table (LUT) distributed arithmetic (DA) based approach. The complexity lying in the realization of FIR filter is dominated by the multiplier structure. This complexity grows further with filter order, which(More)
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