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Tumor protein D52-like 2 (TPD52L2) and its family members form homo- and hetero-meric complexes essential for cell proliferation in multiple human cancers. TPD52L2 is involved in cell migration and attachment in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). To confirm the role of TPD52L2 in OSCC, we employed the lentivirus-delivered small interfering RNA (siRNA)(More)
BACKGROUND Class III malocclusion is a maxillofacial disorder that is characterised by a concave profile and can be attributed to both genetic inheritance and environmental factors. It is a clinical challenge due to our limited understanding of its aetiology. Revealing its prototypical diversity will contribute to our sequential exploration of the(More)
INTRODUCTION To compare the lip closing force of patients with mandibular prognathism to that of patients without dentofacial anomalies. METHODS The subject group included 62 female patients of Class III relationship with mandibular prognathism. The control group been comprised of 71 patients of Class I relationships without skeletal deformities. Maximum(More)
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