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We have recently described a new method for measurement of tyrosinase activity in small amounts of human serum (100 microliters), where the purification of tyrosinase is obtained by adsorption of the enzyme to concanavalin A sepharose. The method, which measures stereospecific dopa oxidation, was used in the winter of 1992-93 for the measurement of activity(More)
Serum samples for the analysis of tyrosinase activity were obtained from 10 healthy subjects in autumn, winter and summer. Tyrosinase was purified from 100 microl serum by adsorption to concanavalin A sepharose, the tyrosinase adsorbed to the gel being separated from other components by centrifugation. The gel was suspended in a buffer containing(More)
Adenylosuccinate lyase (ASL) from Bacillus subtilis has been crystallized and structural analysis by X-ray diffraction is in progress. ASL is a 200-kDa homotetramer that catalyzes two distinct steps of de novo purine biosynthesis leading to the formation of AMP and IMP; both steps involve the beta-elimination of fumarate. A single point mutation in the(More)
In this paper we introduce a (mathematical) model for Dynamic Content Based e-learning systems (DCM). The model is based on 3 types of maps: Knowledge Map, Learning Map and Student Map. Each map corresponds, respectively, to a model of the knowledge space, the learning process and students participating in the learning process. After introducing the model(More)
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