Sigurthor Bjorgvinsson

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It has been posited that high self-esteem persons (high SEs) are more confident than low self-esteem persons (low SEs) of their capability to provide meaningful input in a decision process. If this is so, then high SEs should be more influenced by their perceived level of voice, relative to low SEs. Survey data from 4 field studies showed that voice was(More)
Testing becomes difficult when we cannot easily determine whether the system delivers the correct result or not. To address this issue, we have developed a framework for automated testing of NASA's DAT system using metamorphic testing principles combined with model based testing. Based on the results from using the framework to test DAT we have determined(More)
Model-based Testing (MBT), where a model of the system under test's (SUT) behavior is used to automatically generate executable test cases, is a promising and versatile testing technology. Nevertheless, adoption of MBT technologies in industry is slow and many testing tasks are performed via manually created executable test cases (i.e. test programs such as(More)
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