Sigurbjorg Gudlaugsdottir

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Since it was first recognised that eukaryotic genes are fragmented into coding segments (exons) separated by non-coding segments (introns), the reason for this phenomenon has been debated. There are two dominant theories: that the piecewise arrangement of genes allows functional protein domains, represented by exons, to recombine by shuffling to form novel(More)
We consider independent sampling from a two-component mixture distribution, where one component (called the parametric component) is from a known distributional family and the other component (called the non-parametric component) is unknown. This is a semi-parametric mixture distribution. We discretize the non-parametric component and estimate the(More)
OBJECTIVE To construct a statistical model for the agreements and disagreements between two observers on darkness of staining. STUDY DESIGN Data from an earlier observer-agreement study by van Diest et al were reanalyzed. RESULTS A model in which the random variation in error is permitted to depend upon the true darkness of staining wasfound tofit the(More)
The use and development of online tools for learning in mathematically based disciplines is flourishing. This has occurred in response to the need to provide flexible learning choices for cohorts of students having a wide range of mathematical backgrounds, often insufficient for their chosen fields of study. Many students have difficulty with detailed(More)
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