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High serum uric acid levels elevate pro-inflammatory-state gout crystal arthropathy and place individuals at high risk for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Genome-wide scans in the genetically isolated Sardinian population identified variants associated with serum uric acid levels as a quantitative trait. They mapped within GLUT9, a Chromosome 4(More)
We have described a 0.4-Hz rhythm in renal sympathetic nerve activity (SNA) that is tightly coupled to 0.4-Hz oscillations in blood pressure in the unanesthetized rat. In previous work, the relationship between SNA and fluctuations in mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) was described by a set of two first-order differential equations. We have now modified(More)
—Fuzzy logic is used to define a new quantity called the battery working state (BWS), which is based on both battery terminal voltage and state of charge (SOC), to overcome the problem of battery over-discharge and associated damage resulting from inaccurate estimates of the SOC. The BWS is used by a fuzzy logic energy-management system of a plug-in series(More)
The goal of this analysis was to quantify the relationship between renal sympathetic nerve activity (SNA) and mean arterial blood pressure (MAP). We previously recorded renal SNA and MAP in conscious rats during a stressful behavioral stimulus and during a nonstressful stimulus. We then formulated a set of two linear, first-order differential equations that(More)
Since the late 1950s, Mongolian pine (Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica) has been widely planted for vegetation restoration in arid and semi-arid areas in North China. We used stable isotope signals from precipitation, soil water, and xylem water of Mongolian pine trees, which were planted in early 1980s on sand dunes in the east-southern margin of Horqin(More)
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