Sigrid Pätz

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Über die sehr seltenen Zystadenolymphome im Larynx wird im internationalen Schrifttum fünfmal berichtet. In einem Fall ist das gleichzeitige Vorkommen eines Warthin-Tumors in der Parotis und dem gleichseitigen Taschenband bekannt. Die vorliegende Kasuistik einer 74jährigen Patientin stellt den ersten Fall des synchronen Auftretens eines Warthin-Tumors in(More)
Experiments were performed to determine whether furosemide, given in doses high enough to induce a strong diuresis and to inhibit the mechanism of tubuloglomerular feedback, offers any protection from acute renal failure induced by a nephrotoxin or ischaemia. Microperfusion of the loop of Henle revealed that a tubular furosemide concentration of 5·10−5(More)
Warthin's tumour of the larynx is an unusual finding. In present literature only four cases have been reported. Only one case of a woman suffering from Warthin's tumour of the parotid gland and the ipsilateral site of the larynx has been published. A case of a 74-year-old woman with an Warthin's tumour of the right parotid gland and the left false cord is(More)
Experiments were designed to determine whether tubuloglomerular feedback, which modifies nephron filtration rate in response to alterations in the macula densa sodium chloride concentration, was still apparent in the initiation phase of various types of acute renal failure. The response of the glomerulus to changes in the macula densa stimulus was evaluated(More)
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