Sigrid Goldmann

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between project entities. O ne strategy for reducing time-to-market in software development is to deploy globally dispersed teams in concurrent work. This distributed development process requires flexible coordination and control to channel the work into a single, consistent system release. Several technologies have been developed to support distributed(More)
Integrated project management means that design and planning are interleaved with plan execution, allowing both the design and plan to be changed as necessary. This requires that the right eeects of change are propagated through the plan and design. When this is distributed among designers and planners, no one may have all of the information to perform such(More)
Coordinating distributed processes, especially engineering and software design processes, has been a research topic for some time now. Several approaches have been published that aim at coordinating large projects in general, and large software development processes in specific. However, most of these approaches focus on the technical part of the design(More)
Background: Placing transpedicular screws in the cervical spine is a special challenge for spine surgeons, due to the anatomical features of this part of the spine. During the last 15 years, computer-aided navigation systems have been developed to facilitate this procedure and to make it safer for patients. One option is navigation by intraoperatively(More)
The MILOS system supports software development processes over the Internet. It integrates process modeling with project planning and enactment. Our flexible workflow engine allows refining and changing process models during project execution. The built-in traceability component supports change notifications and helps the project participants to ensure that(More)