Sigrún Knútsdóttir

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STUDY DESIGN Retrospective population-based epidemiological study. OBJECTIVES To assess the nationwide, population-based incidence, causes, age, gender, extent and prevalence of spinal cord injuries (SCIs) in Iceland from 1975 to 2009. SETTING Landspitali University Hospital in Iceland, the single referral center for SCIs in Iceland. METHODS A(More)
This study demonstrates in a novel way how volume and shape are restored to denervated degenerated muscles due to a special pattern of electrical stimulation. To this purpose, Spiral Computer Tomography (CT) and special image processing tools were used to develop a method to isolate the rectus femoris from other muscle bellies in the thigh and monitor(More)
In the frame of the EU-funded RISE project, patients with lower motor neuron lesion and denervated and degenerated muscles are treated with electrical stimulation, with the aim of restoring muscle mass and force. Spiral computer tomography from the hip joint down to the knee joint is used to gather three-dimensional data on the upper leg tissue. These data(More)
OBJECTIVES A new non-invasive method was developed to analyse macroscopic and microscopic structural changes of human skeletal muscle based on processing techniques of medical images, here exemplified by monitoring progression and recovery of long-term denervation by home based functional electrical stimulation. METHODS Spiral computer tomography images(More)
INTRODUCTION Traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI) is serious and often has long-term consequences. Since no cure has been found the emphasis has been on preventive measures. The incidence of TSCI varies between countries and the epidemiology has been changing. The aim of this study was to gather epidemiological data on patients with TSCI in Iceland and(More)
Bone loss and a decrease in bone mineral density is frequently seen in patients with motor neuron lesion due to lack of mechanical stimulation. This causes weakening of the bones and a greater risk of fracture. By using functional electrical stimulation it is possible to activate muscles in the body to produce the necessary muscle force to stimulate muscle(More)
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