Signe Benzon Larsen

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BACKGROUND In Denmark, the incidence of breast cancer is higher among women with higher socioeconomic position. We investigated whether differences in exposure to certain risk factors contribute to this gradient, as measured from education, income and occupation. METHODS We conducted a cohort study of 23,111 postmenopausal women aged 50-65 years who were(More)
Micronutrients may protect against prostate cancer. However, few studies have had high-quality assessment of both dietary and supplemental consumption of micronutrients, rendering possible different source-specific effects difficult to discern. This study evaluates associations between intake of vitamin C, E, folate, and beta-carotene and prostate cancer(More)
Suriclone is a new anxiolytic drug belonging to the family of cyclopyrrolones. Although chemically entirely different from the benzodiazepines, it acts as a benzodiazepine agonist with very high affinity for the benzodiazepine receptors. In the present cross-over study, 33 out-patients with a diagnosis of neurotic anxiety were treated with suriclone (mean(More)
Low-Se status may be associated with a higher risk of notably advanced prostate cancer. In a Danish population with a relatively low Se intake, we investigated the association between pre-diagnostic Se status and (1) the risk of total, advanced and high-grade prostate cancer and (2) all-cause and prostate cancer-specific mortality among men with prostate(More)
Abstract Extraintestinal manifestations occur rather frequently in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), e.g. ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD). The present paper provides an overview of the epidemiology, clinical characteristics, diagnostic process, and management of rheumatic, metabolic, dermatologic (mucocutaneous), ophthalmologic,(More)
There is no clear link between obesity and prostate cancer incidence but an association has been reported between obesity and fatal prostate cancer. We report on two prospective cohort analyses on (i) the incidence of prostate cancer in relation to obesity in a cohort of men with no previous cancer, and on (ii) the stage distribution and prostate cancer(More)
INTRODUCTION Men with low socioeconomic position experience higher mortality after a prostate cancer diagnosis compared to men with a higher socioeconomic position, however, the specific mediators of this association are unclear. We therefore evaluated the influence of potential mediators on the association between socioeconomic position, and prostate(More)
BACKGROUND A breast cancer diagnosis has been suggested as a teachable moment when a woman is more open to making healthier lifestyle changes. Little is known about the health behaviour changes women with breast cancer initiate compared to those made by other women. MATERIAL AND METHODS We examined changes in body mass index (BMI) and tobacco and alcohol(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate semen quality and fecundity in a group of men with initially untreated varicocele testis, in comparison with control subjects. PATIENTS, SUBJECTS AND METHODS In a prospective, longitudinal study, 77 men (39 with varicocele and 38 control subjects) were evaluated in 1989 and re-investigated after 8 years. Fifty-seven men (29 with(More)
Alcohol is a risk factor for postmenopausal breast cancer. One of several proposed mechanisms is that alcohol-related breast cancer is caused by increased sex hormone levels. PPARγ inhibits aromatase transcription in breast adipocytes. We reproduced previously found allele-specific effects of the wildtype Pro-allele of PPARG Pro(12)Ala in alcohol related(More)