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The present translation is based on the one published in 1925. The title of this paper would have been more literally translated 'On the Introduction of the Concept of Narcissism'. Freud had been using the term for many years previously. We learn from Ernest Jones (1955, 304) that at a meeting of the Vienna Psycho-Analytical Society on November 10, 1909,(More)
Control of lacustrine phytoplankton biomass by phosphorus is one of the oldest and most stable paradigms in modern limnology. Even so, evidence from bioassays conducted by multiple investigators at numerous sites over the last three decades shows that N is at least as likely as P to be limiting to phytoplankton growth. A number of important flaws in the(More)
Bipolar disorder comprises a pattern of symptoms characterised by disproportionate changes in mood, possible psychosis and various other symptoms at different times. Biopsychosocial management approaches often involve medication (e.g. lithium), psychological therapy (e.g. cognitive-behaviour therapy) and social interventions (e.g. social work support).(More)
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