Sigmund Ø. Gismervik

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Purpose To assess effects of an inpatient multicomponent occupational rehabilitation program compared to less comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation on sickness absence in persons with musculoskeletal- or mental health disorders. Methods Randomized clinical trial with parallel groups. Participants were individuals 18–60 years old on sick-leave for 2–12(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term sick leave has considerably negative impact on the individual and society. Hence, the need to identify effective occupational rehabilitation programs is pressing. In Norway, group based occupational rehabilitation programs merging patients with different diagnoses have existed for many years, but no rigorous evaluation has been(More)
BACKGROUND Occupational medicine has shifted emphasis from disease treatment to disability rehabilitation and management. Hence, newly developed occupational rehabilitation programs are often generic and multicomponent, aiming to influence the sick-listed persons' perception on return to work, and thereby support the return to work process. The aim of this(More)
STUDY DESIGN A randomized controlled trial. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate whether a tailored and manualized cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) or nutritional supplements of seal oil and soy oil had any additional benefits over a brief cognitive intervention (BI) on return to work (RTW). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Brief intervention(More)
Purpose To evaluate effects on somatic and mental health of a multicomponent inpatient occupational rehabilitation program compared to a less comprehensive outpatient program in individuals on sick leave for musculoskeletal complaints or mental health disorders. Methods A randomized clinical trial with parallel groups. Participants were individuals on(More)
BACKGROUND Physical examination tests of the shoulder (PETS) are clinical examination maneuvers designed to aid the assessment of shoulder complaints. Despite more than 180 PETS described in the literature, evidence of their validity and usefulness in diagnosing the shoulder is questioned. METHODS This meta-analysis aims to use diagnostic odds ratio (DOR)(More)
1Department of Public Health and General Practice, Faculty of Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. 2 Hysnes Rehabilitation Center, St. Olavs University Hospital, Trondheim, Norway 3 Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, St. Olav University Hospital, Trondheim, Norway. 4 Department of Circulation and(More)
PURPOSE The aim was to investigate the feasibility of introducing a novel transdiagnostic occupational rehabilitation program delivered in groups mixing participants with chronic pain, chronic fatigue and common mental disorders. MATERIALS AND METHODS Observational data on group climate and individual participation were triangulated with qualitative data(More)
BACKGROUND Neck pain is associated with several alterations in neck motion and motor control. Previous studies have investigated single constructs of neck motor control, while few have applied a comprehensive set of tests to investigate cervical motor control. This comparative cross- sectional study aimed to investigate different motor control constructs in(More)
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