Sigmar Bortenschlager

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It has been suggested many times that elevated atmospheric CO2 levels should stimulate radial increment of stem growth. However, interpretation of dendrochronologies with respect to a CO2 signal is a difficult task, since a multitude of environmental and tree factors influence the growth of stems. Here we provide a data set from subalpine stone pine which(More)
The altitudinal variation on the contents of secondary metabolites in flowering heads of Arnica montana was assessed. Plants of A. montana cultivar ARBO were grown in nine experimental plots at altitudes between 590 and 2230m at Mount Patscherkofel near Innsbruck/Austria. The total contents of sesquiterpene lactones and flavonoids were not positively(More)
For several years pollen traps have been installed at different sites in the Inn valley/Tyrol. Even within short distances significant differences in the pollen content of the air in respect to amount and time do occur. The pollen maxima differ even up to 6 weeks during subsequent years. The mean values of the maxima of the same species differ up to 12 days(More)
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