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Although there is no shortage of potential drug targets, there are only a handful known low-molecular-weight inhibitors of protein-protein interactions (PPIs). One problem is that current efforts are dominated by low-yield high-throughput screening, whose rigid framework is not suitable for the diverse chemotypes present in PPIs. Here, we developed a novel(More)
On the basis of our recently resolved first cocrystal structure of Mdm4 in complex with a small molecule inhibitor (PDB ID 3LBJ ), we devised an approach for the generation of potential Mdm4 selective ligands. We performed the Ugi four-component reaction (Ugi-4CR) in 96-well plates with an indole fragment, which is specially designed to mimic Trp23, a key(More)
The inhibition of p53-MDM2 interaction is a promising new approach to non-genotoxic cancer treatment. A potential application for drugs blocking the p53-MDM2 interaction is acute myeloid leukemia (AML) due to the occurrence of wild type p53 (wt p53) in the majority of patients. Although there are very promising preclinical results of several p53-MDM2(More)
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