Sigita Jurkonienė

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The revised local curvature distribution model, which provides accurate computer simulations of the gravitropic response of mushroom stems, was found to produce accurate simulations of the gravitropic reaction of wheat (Triticum aestivum) coleoptiles. The key feature of the mathematical model that enables it to approach universality of application is the(More)
Toxicity effects induced by nanosuspensions of CuO (<50 nm; Sigma-Aldrich) on macrophytic algae cells of Nitellopsis obtusa (96-h median lethal concentration [LC50]), microphytic algae Chlorella (30-min median inhibitory concentration [IC50]), shrimp Thamnocephalus platyurus (24-h LC50), and rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus (24-h LC50) were investigated. No(More)
The responses of the freshwater macroalga Nitellopsis obtusa to heavy metal (HM) salts of Hg, Cd, Co, Cu, Cr, and Ni were assessed at different levels: whole-cell mortality (96-h LC(50)), in vivo cell membrane (45-min depolarization of resting potential, EC(50)), and enzyme in plasma membrane preparations (K+, Mg2+-specific H+-ATPase inhibition, IC(50)). To(More)
Throughout 90-day biodegradation under microaerobic conditions, invasive to Lithuania species boxelder maple (Acer negundo) leaves lost 1.5-fold more biomass than that of autochthonous black alder (Alnus glutinosa), releasing higher contents of N(tot), ammonium and generating higher BOD(7). Boxelder maple leaf leachates were characterized by higher total(More)
A microscale bioassay based on 50% inhibition of K(+), Mg(2+)-ATPase activity in a microsomal fraction isolated from Nitellopsis obtusa cells was developed. Compared to that for a plasma membrane fraction purified in a sucrose gradient, the preparation procedure for a microsomal fraction is less time consuming and the yield is substantially higher.(More)
We studied the possible use of the detergent Brij 58 in physiological experiments for the reorientation of right-side-out plasmalemmal vesicles, which were isolated from wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) coleoptiles. The activities of K+, Mg2+-ATPase and the ATP-dependent H+-potential were higher in Brij 58-treated vesicles, whereas membrane permeability for K+(More)
Changes in plasmalemma K(+)Mg(2+)-ATPase dephosphorylating activity and H(+) transport were examined in freezing-tolerant and non-tolerant genotypes of the perennial grass species Festuca pratensis Huds. Enzyme activity and DeltamuH(+) were measured in plasmalemma fractions isolated from basal nodes and roots. Three types of experiments were undertaken: (i)(More)
Ethephon and Aventrol were used as tools to provoke the processes taking part in the formation of rape seed yield and quality. Investigations on spring rape (Brassica napus L.) cultivars ‘Terra’ and ‘Landmark’ were carried out from 2008–2010. Ethephon (10 mM) and Aventrol (1 l/ha — pinolene 960 g/l) were used on different plant growth stages: BBCH-62–64 and(More)
The replacement of autochthonous tree species by invasive ones in coastal zones of freshwater bodies induces additional alteration of hydrochemical and microbiological characteristics due to decomposition of fallen leaves of non-indigenous species, which can lead to ecotoxic response of the littoral biota. Leaves of invasive to Lithuania boxelder maple(More)