Sigge Stenild

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The distinction between field and laboratory is classical in research methodology. In human-computer interaction, and in usability evaluation in particular, it has been a controversial topic for several years. The advent of mobile devices has revived this topic. Empirical studies that compare evaluations in the two settings are beginning to appear, but they(More)
Communication and coordination of mobile and distributed work activities is a challenging application domain for mobile handheld devices. In this paper, we present the design of a mobile system to support communication and coordination between workers in safety-critical tasks in a power plant. The design of the system was based on ideas inherited from a(More)
Designing a user interface is often a complex undertaking. Modelbased user interface design is an approach where models and mappings between them form the basis for creating and specifying the design of a user interface. Such models usually include descriptions of the tasks of the prospective user, but there is considerable variation in the other models(More)
The aim of object-oriented analysis methods is to reveal the essential information from the users’ domain of work. This focus is particularly interesting in the design of interactive user interfaces for mobile devices because the severely limited screen space leaves no room for anything else but the most essential information. This paper describes the(More)
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