Sigbjørn Atle Berg

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This paper addresses a little examined intersection between the problem loan literature and the bank efficiency literature. We employ Granger-causality techniques to test four hypotheses regarding the relationships among loan quality, cost efficiency, and bank capital. The data suggest that problem loans precede reductions in measured cost efficiency; that(More)
In a case study, seven different procurement chains of forest energy in Sweden were modelled and the environmental performance was calculated from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) perspective. The systems differed with respect to geographical location, the technology employed and resource use (stumps or logging residues). The energy output/input ratio of chips(More)
Loan rates for seemingly identical borrowers often exhibit substantial dispersion. We propose a heteroscedastic regression model to identify the determinants of the dispersion in interest rates on loans granted by banks to small and medium sized enterprises. We associate this dispersion to the loan officers’ use of “discretion” in the loan rate setting(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to categorize enlarged superficial lymph nodes as benign or malignant using sonomorphologic features and vascularization pattern. PATIENTS AND METHODS Enlarged superficial lymph nodes in 57 patients were assessed with B-mode and contrast-enhanced power Doppler sonography. Morphology and vascularization were(More)
Aim of the present study was to investigate the localisation of the extractable oil in spray-dried microencapsulated fish oil prepared under different spray-drying conditions and to investigate the impact on lipid oxidation upon storage. Confocal laser scanning microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and different extraction procedures revealed that the(More)
Movements in price-earnings ratios reflect variation in discount rates and changes in growth opportunities. We decompose market-level price-earnings ratios into a no-growth component, which depends only on future discount rates, and a growth component, the Present Value of Growth Opportunities (PVGO). We value both components allowing for time-varying(More)
Ziel war die sonographische Kategorisierung vergrößerter oberflächlicher Lymphknoten in benigne und maligne anhand von Morphologie und Vaskularisationsmuster. Es wurden 57 Patienten mit vergrößerten Lymphknoten im B-Modus und anschließend mit kontrastverstärkter Powerdoppler-Sonographie (PDS) nach Morphologie und Gefäßmuster beurteilt und den Gruppen(More)
  • Hilde C. Bjørnland, Dag Henning Jacobsen, Sigbjørn Atle Berg, Francesco Furlanetto, Kjersti Gro Lindquist
  • 2008
We analyze the role of house prices in the monetary policy transmission mechanism in the U.S. using structural VARs. The VAR is identified using a combination of short-run and long-run (neutrality) restrictions, allowing for a contemporaneous interaction between monetary policy and various asset prices. By allowing the interest rate and asset prices to(More)
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