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OBJECTIVE Inflammation and fibrosis are essential promoters in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy (DN) in type 2 diabetes. The present study examined the anti-inflammation and anti-fibrosis effect of Tangshen Formula (TSF), a traditional Chinese medicine, on DN. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Protective role of TSF in DN was examined in a rat model of(More)
Tubular injury is closely correlated with the development of progressive diabetic nephropathy (DN), particularly in cases of type 2 diabetes. The apoptosis of tubular cells has been recognized as a major cause of tubular atrophy, followed by tubulointerstitial fibrosis. Electron transfer flavoprotein β (ETFβ) is known as an important electron acceptor in(More)
Two winter wheat cultivars (the functional stay-green CN12 and non-stay-green CN19) were used to investigate the effects of ear-shading on grain yield and to elucidate the differential mechanisms of different cultivars. The photosynthetic parameters, chlorophyll fluorescence, antioxidant enzyme activities, and chlorophyll contents were measured 0, 15 and 30(More)
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