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Microfiber-based WS 2 -film saturable absorber for ultra-fast photonics
In this paper, we demonstrated a passively mode-locked erbium-doped fiber (EDF) laser by incorporating a tungsten disulfide (WS2) film SA fabricated by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method. The WS2Expand
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A practical topological insulator saturable absorber for mode-locked fiber laser
A novel saturable absorber (SA) was fabricated by coating the topological insulator (TI) film on microfiber using pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method. The TISA device had an insertion loss of ~1.25Expand
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Comparative studies on control systems for a two-blade variable-speed wind turbine with a speed exclusion zone
To avoid the coincidence between the tower nature frequency and rotational excitation frequency, a SEZ (speed exclusion zone) must be built for a two-blade wind turbine with a full rated converter.Expand
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Fabrication and Characterization of Anodic Titanium Oxide Nanotube Arrays of Controlled Length for Highly Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
The performance of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC), made of highly ordered anodic titanium oxide (ATO) nanotube (NT) arrays produced directly on Ti foil, depends on the length of these arrays. WeExpand
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Power extraction efficiency optimization of horizontal-axis wind turbines through optimizing control parameters of yaw control systems using an intelligent method
A multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization-based method is introduced to optimize control parameters and search for the Pareto Front, which represents different potential performance. Expand
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First-principles calculations and experimental investigation on SnO2@ZnO heterojunction photocatalyst with enhanced photocatalytic performance.
In this study, branch-like SnO2@ZnO heterojunction photocatalyst was successfully fabricated via a simple two-step hydrothermal process. The optical and electronic properties were characterized inExpand
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In-situ growth of W18O49@carbon clothes for flexible-easy-recycled photocatalysts with high performance
Abstract In this letter, the W18O49@Carbon Clothes (W18O49@CC) were synthesis via a simple microwave-assistant solvothermal method for the first time. The W18O49 nanowires were in-suit grown on theExpand
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A hierarchical sandwich-structured MoS2/SnO2/CC heterostructure for high photocatalysis performance
Abstract A sandwich-structured MoS2/SnO2/Carbon cloth (MoS2/SnO2/CC) photocatalyst was successfully synthesized through simple two-step hydrothermal method. The MoS2/SnO2/CC composite exhibited anExpand
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Full Lifecycle Infrastructure Management System for Smart Cities: A Narrow Band IoT-Based Platform
An NB-IoT-based FuLCIMS for dumb devices is designed in this paper to cater to the construction of smart cities, which enables the periodical context awareness, precise positioning, and information transmission. Expand
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Titanium dioxide (TiO2) with many excellent properties is promising for the applications to optoelectronic devices, solar cells, photocatalytic, biomaterials, etc. The growth of TiO2 nanotube arraysExpand