Siewert-J Marrink

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The respiratory chain is located in the inner membrane of mitochondria and produces the major part of the ATP used by a cell. Cardiolipin (CL), a double charged phospholipid composing ~10-20% of the mitochondrial membrane, plays an important role in the function and supramolecular organization of the respiratory chain complexes. We present an extensive set(More)
Voltage-gated potassium (Kv) channels are ubiquitous transmembrane proteins involved in electric signaling of excitable tissues. A fundamental property of these channels is the ability to open or close in response to changes in the membrane potential. To date, their structure-based activation mechanism remains unclear, and there is a large controversy on(More)
We present a molecular dynamics study on the interaction of styryl-type voltage-sensitive dyes with a lipid membrane. In this work, voltage-sensitive dyes are proposed as interesting model amphiphiles for biomolecular simulation, due to the wealth of biophysical and thermodynamical data available on their behavior and their binding to lipid membranes.(More)
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