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Human mutations in Nkx2-5 lead to progressive cardiomyopathy and conduction defects via unknown mechanisms. To define these pathways, we generated mice with a ventricular-restricted knockout of Nkx2-5, which display no structural defects but have progressive complete heart block, and massive trabecular muscle overgrowth found in some patients with Nkx2-5(More)
Reactive gliosis, observed in numerous pathological states, leads to the formation of a glial scar that is believed to impede axonal regeneration. Astrocyte reactivity can be initiated both in vitro and in vivo by various cytokines. Thus, the aim of this study was to investigate if suramin, a polysulfonated napthylurea that has been shown to inhibit the(More)
BACKGROUND Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in patients is often initiated by foci in the pulmonary veins. The mechanism of these initiating arrhythmias is unknown. The aim of this study was to determine electrophysiological characteristics of canine pulmonary veins that may predispose to initiating arrhythmias. METHODS AND RESULTS Extracellular recordings(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac diffusion tensor imaging (cDTI) measures the magnitudes and directions of intramyocardial water diffusion. Assuming the cross-myocyte components to be constrained by the laminar microstructures of myocardium, we hypothesized that cDTI at two cardiac phases might identify any abnormalities of laminar orientation and mobility in(More)
Evidence from retroviral marking techniques and immortalized cell lines indicates that multipotential stem cells exist in many areas of the developing central nervous system. However, the factors that influence the commitment of these stem cells into distinct neuronal or glial lineages are not known. We have created an immortalized hypothalamic cell line(More)
Until recently the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF) consisted primarily of palliation, mostly in the form of pharmacological intervention. However because of recent advances in nonpharmacologic therapies, the current expectation of patients and referring physicians is that AF will be cured, rather than palliated. In recent years there has been a rapid(More)
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