Siew-Pang Chan

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PURPOSE To examine the association of optic disk ovality with myopic refractive error, axial length, and the visual field. DESIGN Prospective observational case series. METHODS The study included 150 randomly recruited male subjects with myopia. In all cases, one eye was randomly selected, and subjective refraction, slit-lamp examination, applanation(More)
BACKGROUND It is not known if the inclusion of bilinguals affects the results of research using Quality-of-Life (QoL) scales. OBJECTIVE To determine the influence of bilingualism on responses to a QoL scale. RESEARCH DESIGN In this cross sectional study, a population-based, disproportionately stratified random sample of monolingual and bilingual ethnic(More)
INTRODUCTION Research has been conducted over several years to develop a new off-road assessment battery referred to as the Occupational Therapy - Driver Off-Road Assessment Battery. This article documents the development of the Battery, and provides preliminary research evidence to support its content and predictive validity. METHODS Literature reviews(More)
PURPOSE To determine the short-term outcomes in eyes with posterior capsule rupture (PCR) during cataract surgery. SETTING The Eye Institute, National Healthcare Group, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore, Singapore. METHODS All intraoperative complications during cataract surgery were reported prospectively as part of a clinical audit program. The(More)
INTRODUCTION Irritable bowel syndrome is a common functional gastrointestinal disorder. Although its aetiology is still unknown, visceral hypersensitivity, disorders of motility and psychosocial factors have been proposed as possible factors that affect the "gut-brain" function. The objective of this study was to determine if psychiatric disorders exist in(More)
Objective: To assess the equivalence of English and Chinese versions of the SF-36. Methods: Using a crossover design with block randomisation and stratification by age, identical English or Chinese questionnaires containing the English (UK) and Chinese (HK) SF-36 versions were administered 3–16 days apart to 168 free-living, bilingual, ethnic Chinese(More)
Measurement of quality of life is crucial to assess the full impact of antiretroviral therapy on patient morbidity. No quality of life instruments have been validated in an Asian HIV-infected patient population, but it is important to do so given the increasing involvement of the region in clinical trials. We set out to validate the Medical Outcomes Study(More)
OBJECTIVE We assessed the impact of diabetes mellitus on survival in South East Asian patients with congestive heart failure. METHODS 1668 consecutive patients with chronic heart failure (age 65+/-13 years, ejection fraction 28+/-12%, 67% male) were followed up for 36+/-12 months. 837 patients (50.2%) were diabetic and 1076 patients (65%) had ischemic(More)
BACKGROUND The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend the use of alcohol handrubs to prevent health care-associated infections. However, the efficacy and time effectiveness of different alcohol handrubbing protocols have yet to be evaluated. METHODS We conducted a randomized controlled trial in(More)
INTRODUCTION While the readmission rate from community hospitals is known, the factors affecting it are not. Our aim was to determine the factors predicting unplanned readmissions from community hospitals (CHs) to acute hospitals (AHs). MATERIALS AND METHODS This was an observational prospective cohort study, involving 842 patients requiring post-acute(More)