Siew Kwan Koh

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Atropine, a muscarinic antagonist, is known to inhibit myopia progression in several animal models and humans. However, the mode of action is not established yet. In this study, we compared quantitative iTRAQ proteomic analysis in the retinas collected from control and lens-induced myopic (LIM) mouse eyes treated with atropine. The myopic group received a(More)
PURPOSE To identify the tear proteins associated with the long-term use of glaucoma medication by using proteomic analysis and to compare these proteins to those previously reported in primary dry eye disease. METHODS Eighteen patients treated with topical antiglaucoma medications and 10 normal age-matched subjects with no prior topical treatment were(More)
In order to define osteoporosis on the basis of bone mineral measurements, one must define an acceptable normal range or fracture threshold. It is clear that the normal range cannot be compared between different ethnic groups. We have measured spinal bone mineral density (BMD) by dual photon absorptiometry in 277 women without spinal fracture, aged 30-91(More)
To investigate the histopathological characteristics of inverted papillomas of the urinary bladder, including the possibility of malignant transformation, we studied the indicators of cellular proliferation activity in 7 inverted papillomas of the bladder including two cases of malignant inverted papilloma of the bladder. PCNA expression rates in two cases(More)
PURPOSE New femtosecond laser platforms may reduce ocular surface interference and LASIK-associated dry eye. This study investigated tear protein profiles in subjects who underwent LASIK using two femtosecond lasers to assess differences in protein expression. METHODS This was a randomized interventional clinical trial involving 22 patients who underwent(More)
Ethanol has various effects on male sexual activity under the influence of direct and indirect, in acute and chronic alcohol ingestion. However, whether acetaldehyde, a principal metabolite of ethanol, may affect penile erection directly has still not been elucidated. This present study was, therefore, designed to clarify the pharmacologic effects of the(More)
A nation-wide study was performed to estimate the incidence of bladder, kidney, renal pelvis and ureter, prostate, testicular and other genitourinary cancer among Koreans in Korea using medical records of the inpatients of the beneficiaries of the Korea Medical Insurance Corporation (KMIC) from Jan. 1, 1989 to Dec. 31, 1989. The crude incidence rate of(More)
To estimate the incidence of externally recognizable genitourinary anomalies and associated anomalies in the newborns in Korea, retrospective and prospective studies have been performed. Thirty eight of 48 urology training hospitals participated in this nationwide survey. In this study we have included minor defects or variations in the anomaly to evaluate(More)
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