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We used a national household survey to examine knowledge, attitudes, and preferences pertaining to wildland fire. First, we present nationwide results and trends. Then, we examine opinions across region and race. Despite some regional variation, respondents are fairly consistent in their beliefs about assuming personal responsibility for living in(More)
Based on a combined analysis of spectroscopic ellipsometry, reflectance and transmittance measurements as well as spectrally resolved luminescence measurements and spectral responsivity measurements, we present data of the coefficient of band-to-band absorption of crystalline silicon at 295 K in the wavelength range 250 – 1450 nm. A systematic measurement(More)
Ultra-thin nitrided SiO/sub 2/ (10 /spl Aring/ SiON) and high-k HfO/sub 2/ gate dielectric thin film metrology and chemical characteristics are studied using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Different specimen preparation methods and TEM analytical techniques are compared to understand their impacts on the results. Ultra thin SiON thickness measured(More)
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