Sierra A. Bainter

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While numerous studies have demonstrated that a male speaker's sexual orientation can be identified from relatively long passages of speech, few studies have evaluated whether listeners can determine sexual orientation when presented with word-length stimuli. If listeners are able to distinguish between self-identified gay and heterosexual male speakers of(More)
Several multivariate models are motivated to answer similar developmental questions regarding within-person (intraindividual) effects between 2 or more constructs over time, yet the within-person effects tested by each model are distinct. In this article, the authors clarify the types of within-person inferences that can be made from each model. Whereas(More)
OBJECTIVE Although recent statistical and computational developments allow for the empirical testing of psychological theories in ways not previously possible, one particularly vexing challenge remains: how to optimally model the prospective, reciprocal relations between 2 constructs as they developmentally unfold over time. Several analytic methods(More)
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