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The issues of energy efficiency and environmental protection are becoming critical issues for both fixed and wireless network operators worldwide. For wireless network operators, the challenge generally lies on providing maximum energy efficiency with largest possible coverage area. In this paper we first investigate the parameters affecting energy(More)
Keywords: Computational intelligence Mid-term load forecasting Daily peak load Self-organizing map Support vector machine a b s t r a c t Forecasting of future electricity demand is very important for decision making in power system operation and planning. In recent years, due to privatization and deregulation of the power industry, accurate electricity(More)
This work is focused on the implementation of evolutionary based computer algorithms, genetic algorithms (GAs), on microcontrollers. Genetic algorithms are powerful optimizing techniques that are used successfully to solve problems in many different disciplines. One such application would be in WCDMA adaptive beam forming technique. Adaptive antenna has(More)
In this paper, stochastic leader gravitational search algorithm (SL-GSA) based on randomized k is proposed. Standard GSA (SGSA) utilizes the best agents without any randomization, thus it is more prone to converge at suboptimal results. Initially, the new approach randomly choses k agents from the set of all agents to improve the global search ability.(More)
An experience oriented-convergence improved gravitational search algorithm (ECGSA) based on two new modifications, searching through the best experiments and using of a dynamic gravitational damping coefficient (α), is introduced in this paper. ECGSA saves its best fitness function evaluations and uses those as the agents' positions in searching process. In(More)
This paper proposes an adaptive error correction system for microwave transmission systems. Unlike most previous adaptive error correction systems which change to a stronger code for error correction based on either packet losses or erroneous condition, the proposed system is able to do so before an error occurs. Simulation results show that the proposed(More)
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