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Shooting, finite difference or Harmonic Balance techniques in conjunction with Newton’s method are widely employed for the numerical calculation of limit cycles of oscillators. The resulting set of nonlinear equations are normally solved by damped Newton’s method. In some cases however, divergence occurs when the initial estimate of the solution is not(More)
Shooting, finite difference, or harmonic balance techniques in conjunction with a damped Newton method are widely employed for the numerical calculation of limit cycles of (free-running, autonomous) oscillators. In some cases, however, nonconvergence occurs when the initial estimate of the solution is not close enough to the exact one. Generally, the higher(More)
The paper reports on four patients with choriocarcinoma. In two of them, the choriocarcinoma was found after abortion, in one of them following termination of pregnancy, and in the last patient a hydatidiform mole was present. In all patients increased beta-HCG was found. One patient had lung metastasis at the time of diagnosis. In another patient,(More)
Chorioangiomas are the most common benign tumors of the placenta. The pathologist is able to recognize these tumors in 1% of all examined specimens, but 80% of them are small and of no clinical significance. The larger chorioangiomas are very rare and often associated with complications such as placental abruption, fetal anemia, premature labor and preterm(More)
The cases of two patients, in whom conspicuous CTGs with restricted oscillation and late decelerations were registered in the final trimester of pregnancy, are presented. Following immediate hospitalisation and the rapid execution of a caesarean section, two depressed, severely acidotic neonates were born. Whilst the course of the pregnancy in the first(More)
We report on a case of acute twin-twin transfusion syndrome in a twin pregnancy in the 26 th under primarily unclear conditions. On admission to the hospital, one fetus was not showing signs of life anymore, while the Doppler indices and CTG of the living fetus showed signs of acute distress. On the scan both fetuses showed adequate and symmetric growth as(More)
By means of reflexion pulse oximetry the arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) of 100 fetuses intrapartum was measured in a high-risk group and compared with clinical parameters. There is a connection between the duration of SpO2 measurements below 30%, the delivery mode and reduced pH-values in the umbilical artery measured post partum. SpO2 values below 30%(More)
156 mothers and their newborns (Group A), whose deliveries were monitored using cardiotocography and fetal pulse oximetry, were investigated during and after delivery regarding amnioninfection as well as changes in morbidity und compared to matched controls (Group B). The parameters observed were temperature during labor and delivery and after delivery,(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years, an increasing amount of experience has been collected in measuring the nuchal translucency (NT) of the fetus in early pregnancy. While all fetuses develop a measurable collection of fluid in the area of the neck between the 11th and 14th weeks of pregnancy, the fact that fetuses with chromosomal disorders, cardiac defects, and(More)
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