Siegfried Wagner

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Current market research indicates high future demand for broadcast services such as Mobile TV. While underlying competing bearer technologies are being extensively tested and refined, the focus keeps shifting towards interactive services on top of mobile broadcast. In order to investigate the possibilities of interactive mobile TV, projects require testbeds(More)
Access to information and communication using the Internet is still very limited for people with poor reading skills. Current mainstream web-applications such as email or web-shops are designed for people that have good reading skills. In our research we investigated the use of a web based email system by people with poor reading and writing skills. As(More)
Conventional two-dimensional (2-D) texture parameters serve as the "gold standard" of texture analysis. The authors compared a new stochastic model, based on autoregressive periodic random field models (APRFM) with conventional texture analysts (CTA) parameter, which were defined as measures of the co-occurrence matrix, i.e., entropy, contrast, correlation,(More)
Prostate cancer is worldwide the sixth leading cause of cancer related death in men thus early detection and successful treatment are still of major interest. The commonly performed screening of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is controversially discussed, as in many patients the prostate-specific antigen levels are chronically elevated in the absence(More)
Direct Numerical Simulations of laminar separation bubbles are presented. The bubbles are generated by prescribing a locally decelerated free-stream velocity along a at-plate. Controlled disturbances are introduced into the ow eld upstream of the bubble by suction and blowing through the wall in order to study the linear and nonlinear stability c(More)
Laminar-turbulenttransition mechanisms induced by a harmonic point source disturbance in a at-plate boundary layer with adverse pressure gradient are investigated by fourth-order accurate spatial direct numerical simulation based on the complete three-dimensional Navier–Stokes equations for incompressible ow. The disturbance is introduced into the(More)
The unsteady Navier{Stokes equations ooer a large variety of instantaneous solutions even for rather simple boundary conditions once the relevant spatial and temporal scales of the problem at hand are adequately resolved. This is especially true for DNS (Direct Numerical Simulation) of laminar-turbulent transition, where an initially lam-inar ow, disturbed(More)
BACKGROUND In molecular medicine, the manipulation of cells is prerequisite to evaluate genes as therapeutic targets or to transfect cells to develop cell therapeutic strategies. To achieve these purposes it is essential that given transfection techniques are capable of handling high cell numbers in reasonable time spans. To fulfill this demand, an(More)
The discovery of the post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) by small non-protein-coding RNAs is considered as a major breakthrough in biology. In the last decade we just started to realize the biologic function and complexity of gene regulation by small non-coding RNAs. PTGS is a conserved phenomenon which was observed in various species such as fungi,(More)
Cell lines are key tools in cancer research allowing the generation of neoplasias in animal models resembling the initial tumours able to mimic the original neoplasias closely in vivo. Canine lymphoma is the major hematopoietic malignancy in dogs and considered as a valuable spontaneous large animal model for human Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL). Herein we(More)