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—SIMON is a single-electron tunnel device and circuit simulator that is based on a Monte Carlo method. It allows transient and stationary simulation of arbitrary circuits consisting of tunnel junctions, capacitors, and voltage sources of three kinds: constant, piecewise linearly time dependent, and voltage controlled. Cotunneling can be simulated either(More)
Discretization and iterative solution of the semiconductor equations in a three-dimensional rectangular region lead to very large sparse linear systems. Nevertheless, design engineers and scientists of device physics need reliable results in short time in order to draw the best advantage out of computer simulation when designing new technologies and(More)
A compact model for early electromigration failures in copper dual-damascene interconnects is proposed. The model is based on the combination of a complete void nucleation model together with a simple mechanism of slit void growth under the via. It is demonstrated that the early electromigration lifetime is well described by a simple analytical expression,(More)
Since Stratton published his famous paper four decades ago, various transport models have been proposed which account for the average carrier energy or temperature in one way or another. The need for such transport models arose because the traditionally used drift-diffusion model cannot capture nonlocal effects which gained increasing importance in modern(More)
—There have been numerous papers and discussions about the lives and deaths of Moore's Law, all of them dealing with several technological questions. In this paper, we consider economic limitations to the exponential growth of the number of components per chip. As the presented growth model shows, economics constitute indeed a potential slowdown mechanism.(More)
This paper presents results of a new numerical treatment of 3D MOSFET simulation with nonplanar interfaces. The simulations have been carried out by MINIMOS 5 our fully three-dimensional simulation program. Three-dimensional effects like threshold shift for small channel devices , channel narrowing and the enhanced conductivity at the channel edge have been(More)
—We present a monolithic low-power, low-noise analog front-end electroencephalogram acquisition system. It draws only 500 A from a standard 9-V battery, making it suitable for use in portable systems. Although fabricated in a standard CMOS technology, by using current feedback techniques it achieves a common mode rejection ratio of 100 dB while the total(More)
Electromigration failure is a major reliability concern for integrated circuits. The continuous shrinking of metal line dimensions together with the interconnect structure arranged in many levels of wiring with thousands of interlevel connections, such as vias, make the metallization structure more susceptible to failure. Mathematical modeling of(More)