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Few data are available on patient management in jaundice caused by liver metastases of solid tumors (nonbreast and noncolon origin). We report the first patient series consecutively treated with cisplatin weekly in patients with severe jaundice and liver failure due to underlying metastatic neoplasms. In 4 out of 8 cases, liver function tests were reversed(More)
Two patients are presented with severe jaundice, due to inoperable cholangiocarcinoma. The chemotherapeutic approach in patients with severe jaundice is discussed. Many schedules of chemotherapy were developed in this tumor type with normal serum bilirubin. We report here the first successful use of cisplatin and gemcitabine combination chemotherapy in(More)
A c t a Endoscopica Volume 1 5 N ~ 1 1 9 8 5 63 ENDOSCOPIC PALLIATIVE MANAGEMENT OF OESOPHAGEAL CANCER : LASER OR PROSTHESIS ? M. Buset, M. B~ive, B. Dez Marez, N. Bourgeois, C. De Boelpaepe, J. De Toeuf, M. CremerHSpital Route de Lenr~ik 608 1070 Bruxe]]es (Belgique) In oesophageal cancer, the management if often palliative, and the endoscopic(More)
We present the first case report of a complete response of metastatic gastroesophageal cancer in a chronic hemodialysis patient with irinotecan-based chemotherapy. An elderly dialysis patient presented with diffuse liver metastases by a gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma. He received combination chemotherapy with 5 fluorouracil and irinotecan. After six months(More)
In the treatment of polyps of the colon, clips — introduced via the colonofiberscope — have two uses: First, the clip allows exact localization of the base of an endoscopically resected polyp. This is important to the surgeon when the polyp is degenerated. Second, when the polyp is stalked, the clip prevents bleeding from the section site. Au cours du(More)
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