Siegfried Ernst Miederer

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The effect of pH on H. pylori urease activity in its ecological niche was studied in gastric antral biopsy specimens. Specimens were incubated in 10 mmol/liter urea solutions at pH range 3.3-8.2. Activity of urease was studied by measuring production of ammonia and change in pH of the solutions. Urease activity was reduced at pH 8.2 (1424 +/- 218(More)
10 YEARS AFTER B-I-partial gastrectomy for a proven benign gastric ulcer a multicentric early gastric carcinoma type II b, c was detected by endoscopy and histology. This early carcinoma differed from published cases in respect of its macroscopic classification, localization and expansion. The carcinoma situated next to the anastomosis invaded the duodenal(More)
The direct effect of glucagon on human parietal cell function in vitro was tested by measuring adenylate cyclase (AC) activity and H+ production in homogenates of human gastric mucosa obtained during surgery or at biopsy. Cells isolated from mucosa obtained during surgery showed an increase in AC with histamine and glucagon. In parietal cell enriched(More)
A 28-year-old man with intrahepatic cystic dilatations of the biliary tree (Caroli's syndrome) which contained multiple radiolucent gallstones was treated with 1 g of chenodeoxycholic acid per day. He had undergone cholecystectomy 4 years and surgical exploration of the common bile duct with papillotomy 2 years prior to chenodeoxycholic acid therapy. While(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) plays an important role in the inhibition of gastric acid production and exerts cytoprotective action. The in vitro and in vivo effect of magaldrate, an aluminum containing antacid, on PGE2 synthesis in the gastric mucosa was investigated. METHODOLOGY In the first part of the study, magaldrate was added to a(More)