Siegfried Aigner

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At the arctic archipelago of Svalbard, bare glacier surfaces are populated by microalgae like Ancylonema nordenskiöldii (Zygnematales, Streptophyta). The resulting blooms cause, due to a vacuolar pigmentation, brownish colourations of the glacier surface. This freshwater ice alga has been described from several polar and alpine glaciers; however, these(More)
The filamentous green alga Zygogonium ericetorum (Zygnematophyceae, Streptophyta) was collected in a high-alpine rivulet in Tyrol, Austria. Two different morphotypes of this alga were found: a purple morph with a visible purple vacuolar content and a green morph lacking this coloration. These morphotypes were compared with respect to their secondary(More)
Ultracold atom magnetic field microscopy enables the probing of current flow patterns in planar structures with unprecedented sensitivity. In polycrystalline metal (gold) films, we observed long-range correlations forming organized patterns oriented at +/-45 degrees relative to the mean current flow, even at room temperature and at length scales larger than(More)
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