Siebe T. van Genesen

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The six closely related and clustered rat gamma-crystallin genes, the gammaA- to gammaF-crystallin genes, are simultaneously activated in the embryonic lens but differentially shut down during postnatal development with the gammaB-crystallin gene, the last one to be active. We show here that developmental silencing of the gammaD-crystallin promoter(More)
Heat shock results in inhibition of general protein synthesis. In thermotolerant cells, protein synthesis is still rapidly inhibited by heat stress, but protein synthesis recovers faster than in naive heat-shocked cells, a phenomenon known as translational thermotolerance. Here we investigate the effect of overexpressing a single heat shock protein on(More)
Urinary proteins that leak through the abnormal glomerulus in nephrotic syndrome may affect tubular transport by interacting with membrane transporters on the luminal side of tubular epithelial cells. Patients with nephrotic syndrome can develop nephrocalcinosis, which animal models suggest may develop from impaired transcellular Ca(2+) reabsorption via(More)
The rat beta B2-crystallin gene is active only during a specific stage of the differentiation of rat lens fibre cells directed by basic fibroblast growth factor. The regulatory elements that determine the transient activity of this gene are located in the -750/-123 region and in the first intron. Singly, these elements act as silencers, together they(More)
Addition of human GH (hGH) to primary mouse osteoblasts resulted in rapid and transient induction of the c-fos and c-myc proto-oncogenes and preceded hGH-induced mitogenesis. Human GH-induced c-fos expression was maximal after 30 min, resulting in a 10- to 15-fold increase over unstimulated cells, and returned to prestimulation levels within 60 min of the(More)
The transcriptional activation of tissue-specific genes during terminal differentiation must be preceded by the priming of the chromatin and the appearance of the required transacting factors. We have timed these events for the transcriptional activation of the rat gamma D-crystallin gene, a lens fiber cell-specific gene that encodes a structural lens(More)
Explanted newborn rat lens epithelial cells were cultured with various concentrations of FGF-2 and/or insulin or IGF-I for 8-20 days. The accumulation of alphaA-, alphaB-, betaA3/1-, betaB2- and gammaA-F-crystallin was measured. During culture with insulin only, i.e. in the absence of fibre cell differentiation, alphaA- and alphaB-crystallin accumulated to(More)
To probe the limiting nodes in the chaperoning network which maintains cellular proteostasis, we expressed a dominant negative mutant of heat shock factor 1 (dnHSF1), the regulator of the cytoplasmic proteotoxic stress response. Microarray analysis of non-stressed dnHSF1 cells showed a two- or more fold decrease in the transcript level of 10 genes, amongst(More)
The transcription factor c-Maf has been suggested to regulate the activity of gamma-crystallin promoters in lens fibre cells. We here show that the transactivation potential of c-Maf and MafB for the rat gammaD-crystallin Maf-responsive element (gammaD MARE) is dependent upon the cellular context and, using chimeric and single domain mutants, that c-Maf is(More)