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Multimedia networks are now providing versatile services to meet different types of subscriber needs including voice, video, data, etc. Voice and video conferencing applications over these IP networks have already gained wide acceptance in todaypsilas end-user communities. The traffic characteristics and intensity as a function of time, geographic source(More)
A study was conducted in the Department of Computer Science, Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan during the year 2012. The study presents the design model of an Adaptive Control System (ACS) based on Fuzzy Logic to control the arrangement for flood disaster management according to the need. Data were collected from online survey of flooded areas(More)
Electron transport through devices (ternary Al<sub>x</sub>Ga<sub>1-x</sub>As, Ga<sub>x</sub>In<sub>1-x</sub>As and Al<sub>x</sub>In<sub>1-x</sub>As), have been observed using Monte Carlo simulation. The properties that have been observed and compared are number of electrons in the Gamma valley, L valley, and the X valley, drift velocity in the presence of(More)
A number of variants of traditional Handoff (HO) algorithms have been shown in the literature. In this paper a modified version of HO decision algorithm is proposed. This algorithm has less computational complexity comparing to the traditional HO decision algorithm. This new algorithm measures the distances of adjacent seven cells including the serving(More)
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