Sidney Saltzman

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Environmental pollution is now a serious problem in many developing countries. One approach to combat the problem is to implement various pollution control policies. However, due to a lack of adequate quantitative models, the economic impacts and effectiveness of many pollution control policies are still unknown. This article uses the computable(More)
The pediatrician's role in teenage pregnancy is multifaceted. The problem is a sociologic phenomenon with medical consequences. The pregnant teenager actually represents three patients: the mother, the baby, and the adolescent herself. Prepregnancy nutrition can be improved through pediatric education and advice. Sex education can be improved through the(More)
DIFFERENT TYPES of abstract models have been used for years in industry to describe activities and aid in the solution of management problems. It has been only in the last fifteen years, however, that this formal approach to the solution of some of these problems has developed to its present relatively sophisticated state. Much of the credit for the(More)
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