Sidney Raimundo Silva Chalub

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Echinococcus vogeli has been reported to cause human polycystic echinococcosis. A 43-year-old Brazilian woman was admitted to hospital complaining of mild epigastric discomfort. Computed tomography (CT) revealed multiple cystic lesions with calcified edges in several hepatic segments. At exploratory laparotomy, polycystic lesions were excised from the(More)
A strategy for treating cancer is to surgically remove the tumor together with a portion of apparently healthy tissue surrounding it, the so-called "resection margin", to minimize recurrence. Here, we investigate whether the proteomic profiles from biopsies of gastric cancer resection margins are indeed more similar to those from healthy tissue than from(More)
Accessing localized proteomic profiles has emerged as a fundamental strategy to understand the biology of diseases, as recently demonstrated, for example, in the context of determining cancer resection margins with improved precision. Here, we analyze a gastric cancer biopsy sectioned into 10 parts, each one subjected to MudPIT analysis. We introduce a(More)
DNA methylation is commonly linked with the silencing of the gene expression for many tumor suppressor genes. As such, determining DNA methylation patterns should aid, in times to come, in the diagnosis and personal treatment for various types of cancers. Here, we analyzed the methylation pattern from five colorectal cancer patients from the Amazon state in(More)
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common type of cancer in the world with a low survival rate and therapeutic efficiency. Tumor surgery implies the removal of an apparently non-tumorous tissue around the tumor in an attempt to reduce recurrence chances; this tissue is referred to as the resection margin. Our analysis employed an 8-plex iTRAQ to(More)
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