Sidney Nascimento Givigi

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A technique for merging 3D octree based occupancy grid maps robust to error in transformation between map reference frames is proposed and implemented. Recent robotics applications require 3D representations of the environments in which robots are to operate. In many cases, such as Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) and when a large environment is(More)
In this paper, we develop an adaptive scheme based on reinforcement learning (RL) for planning the construction tasks using a quadrotor. Moreover, an autonomous construction system to assemble user-specified 3-D structures is proposed. Nowadays, complex construction tasks using mobile robots are characterized by three fundamental problems: assembly(More)
We extend the potential-based shapingmethod fromMarkov decision processes to multi-player general-sum stochastic games. We prove that the Nash equilibria in a stochastic game remains unchanged after potential-based shaping is applied to the environment. The property of policy invariance provides a possible way of speeding convergence when learning to play a(More)
In this paper we develop a reinforcement fuzzy learning scheme for robots playing a differential game. Differential games are games played in continuous time, with continuous states and actions. Fuzzy controllers are used to approximate the calculation of future reinforcements of the game due to actions taken at a specific time. If an immediate(More)
An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) team formed from two or more UAVs is used in the autonomous encirclement of a stationary target in simulation. The encirclement tactic is defined as the situation in which a target is surrounded by a UAV team in formation. This tactic can be employed by a team of UAVs to neutralize a target by restricting its movement. A(More)