Sidney Nascimento Givigi

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In this paper we develop a reinforcement fuzzy learning scheme for robots playing a differential game. Differential games are games played in continuous time, with continuous states and actions. Fuzzy controllers are used to approximate the calculation of future reinforcements of the game due to actions taken at a specific time. If an immediate(More)
Truly autonomous mobile robots require the ability to map their environment using 'Simultaneous Localization and Mapping' SLAM in order to explore it without getting lost. Multi-robot SLAM becomes necessary once an environment becomes too large. This thesis focuses on the determination of when a robot should merge its maps with another robot's upon(More)
—Two teams of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are used in the encirclement of two targets at the same time. Encirclement is defined as the situation in which a target is isolated and surrounded by a group of UAVs. It is a tactic that can be employed by a team of UAVs to neutralize a target by restricting its movement due to a containment motion near the(More)
Royal Military College of Canada. He received a Ph.D. degree (Computer and Electrical Engineering) from Queen's University in 2013. He has several years of industry experience in software systems design and development. He has 40+ international publications, one book chapter, and several patent applications in the in the area of multi-sensor integrated(More)