Sidney Júlio de Faria-e-Sousa

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PURPOSE Intermittent entropion may go unnoticed by both patient and physician, in some instances resulting in ocular surface disorders. Unfortunately, the current work-up used to diagnose entropion is not always sufficient to uncover the problem. We present an alternative diagnostic test. CASES Two case reports are presented showing different situations(More)
The epithelium lining the center of the cornea is assumed to lack stem cells.The purpose is to investigate by autoradiography the regenerative capability of the epithelium lining the central region of the rabbit cornea following seven scrapings of its peripheral lining, during several months. After marking the center of the cornea with a 6 mm-diameter(More)
Damage to the corneal epithelium causes not only a reaction for its repair but also affects other parts of the cornea as well as different components of the anterior segment of the eye. The purpose of this investigation was to analyze the consequences, following epithelial and limbal damage, to the iris of rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus). The corneal(More)
Some intriguing concepts of visual optics cannot be explained by ray tracing. However, they can be clarified using wavefront formalism. Its main advantage is in the use of the concept of vergence, which is very helpful in interpreting the optical phenomena involved in the neutralization of the ametropias. In this line of thinking, the major role of a lens(More)
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