Sidney Dutra da Silva

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Nursing personnel (N = 317) working at a general hospital attended a 6-hour training program on suicide prevention. They answered anonymously pre- and post-training the Suicide Behavior Attitude Questionnaire (SBAQ), which comprises 21 visual analogue scale items divided in three factorial subscales. The results indicated there were positive changes in the(More)
Falls leading to fractures among the elderly are a major public problem. A case-control study was conducted on the use of certain drugs as a risk factor for hospitalization due to fractures after falls among individuals aged 60 years or over in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One hundred sixty-nine cases and 315 in-patient controls were matched by age,(More)
BACKGROUND Neonates with severe neurological impairment are often unable to swallow, necessitating gastrostomy for feeding. Because of the risk of developing severe reflux, this procedure is often associated with fundoplication. OBJECTIVE To assess the safety and efficacy of gastrostomy and Nissen fundoplication in 22 neonates with swallowing difficulties(More)
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