Sidney Bennett

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PURPOSE Peroxiredoxin-2 (PRDX-2) is an antioxidant and chaperone-like protein critical for cell function. This study examined whether the levels of lymphocyte PRDX-2 are altered over 1 month following ultra-endurance exercise. METHODS Nine middle-aged men undertook a single-stage, multi-day 233 km (145 mile) ultra-endurance running race. Blood was(More)
A promising line of inquiry in sexual violence prevention involves training potential bystanders to intervene in situations where there is risk for violence. Theories of bystander intervention often discuss barriers to helping behavior, but there has been little empirical inquiry into this question. We will present findings of a study of both barriers and(More)
INTRODUCTION Peroxiredoxin (PRDX) and thioredoxin (TRX) are antioxidant proteins that control cellular signalling and redox balance, although their response to exercise is unknown. This study aimed to assess key aspects of the PRDX-TRX redox cycle in response to three different modes of exercise. METHODS Healthy males (n = 10, mean ± SD: 22 ± 3 yrs)(More)
As technology improves and transistor feature sizes continue to shrink, the effects of on-chip interconnect wire latencies on processor clock speeds will become more important. In addition, as we reach the limits of instruction-level parallelism that can be extracted from application programs, there will be an increased emphasis on thread-level parallelism.(More)
Sixteen patients with histologically proven malignant neopla sia were investigated by radioimmunodetection, using goat anti-a-fetoprotein (AFP) antibody radiolabeled with 131I.Images of the chest and abdomen were made with a scintillation camera, usually at 24 and 48 hr following injection of 1 to 2.5 mCi of radioiodinated antibody. Computer-assisted(More)
Chronically haemodialysed end-stage renal disease patients are at high risk of morbidity arising from complications of dialysis, the underlying pathology that has led to renal disease and the complex pathology of chronic kidney disease. Anaemia is commonplace and its origins are multifactorial, involving reduced renal erythropoietin production, accumulation(More)
strated by immunofluorescence in 7 of 55 patients with Hodgkin's disease (25). In a similar study, GBM deposits were seen among 15 of 146 patients with leukemia or lym phoma, 2 of 124 patients with solid tumors, and 4 of 33 patients with no demonstrable tumor (24). In a preliminary study utilizing electron microscopy and mmunofluores cence, glomerular(More)
A 33-year-old patient was booked for antenatal care at 6 weeks during her Wrst pregnancy. She had a previous abdominal myomectomy 6 years earlier for heavy periods that made her anaemic. She had a hospital report indicating that the Wbroid was located in the lower posterior uterine wall, encroaching on the cervix and measured 8 £ 7 £ 6 cm. It distorted the(More)