Sidnei Sangali

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The aim of the study was to characterize feather-degrading bacteria isolated from poultry industry waste. A Vibrio sp. strain kr2 producing a high keratinolytic activity when cultured on native feather-containing broth was isolated. The bacterium grew with an optimum at pH 6.0 and 30 degrees C, where maximum featherdegrading activity was also observed.(More)
Feather waste, generated in large quantities as a byproduct of commercial poultry processing, is almost pure keratin, which is not easily degradable by common proteolytic enzymes. Feather-degrading bacteria were isolated from a Brazilian poultry industrial waste. Among these isolates, a strain identified as kr2 was the best feather-degrading organism when(More)
A feather protein hydrolysate was produced using the keratinolytic bacterium Vibrio sp. strain kr2. Complete feather degradation was observed in medium containing up to 60 g L(-1) raw feathers. Cultivation on 40, 60 or 80 g L(-1) feathers for five days resulted in similar amounts of soluble protein, reaching maximum values around 2.5 g L(-1). Maximum yields(More)
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