Sidnei Borges

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This work examines the effects of chronic exposure to low inorganic mercury (mercury chloride, HgCl(2)) concentration on the recognition and aversive memories. Forty male Wistar rats were divided into 4 groups treated during 30 or 60 days with saline (control) or HgCl(2) doses. After treated the animals were tested considering object recognition and(More)
Extinction is the learned inhibition of retrieval. Recently it was shown that a brief exposure to a novel environment enhances the extinction of contextual fear in rats, an effect explainable by a synaptic tagging-and-capture process. Here we examine whether this also happens with the extinction of another fear-motivated task, inhibitory avoidance (IA), and(More)
PHYSIOLOGY TEACHING-LEARNING METHODS have passed through several changes over the years. This can be seen considering the constancy of publications that bring suggestions for innovations in this area, like papers published in specialized journals such as Advances in Physiology Education. However, considering that the profile of our students is increasingly(More)
THE TEACHING OF PHYSIOLOGY is indispensable in many biological and health disciplines. Physiology is one of the major components of the curriculum in a number of life science courses, including the study of life, cells, tissues, and organisms as well as their functions (7). A bigger challenge for physiology teachers is to make physiological concepts(More)
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