Sidharth Subramanian

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In this paper, we propose a beat tracking and beat similarity based approach to rhythm description in Indian Classical Music. We present an algorithm that uses a beat similarity matrix and inter onset interval histogram to automatically extract the sub-beat structure and the long-term periodicity of a musical piece. From this information, we can then obtain(More)
The current research in Music Information Retrieval (MIR) is showing the potential that the Information Technologies can have in music related applications. A major research challenge in that direction is how to automatically describe/annotate audio recordings and how to use the resulting descriptions to discover and appreciate music in new ways. But music(More)
This paper describes a recent addition to LOLC, a text-based environment for collaborative improvisation for laptop ensembles, incorporating a machine musician that plays along with human performers. The machine musician LOLbot analyses the patterns created by human performers and the composite music they create as they are layered in performance. Based on(More)
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