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Voltage sag is the most important power quality problem. The classical solution to protect industrial processes against voltage sags is based on the use of a large series voltage compensator (SVC), such as the dynamic voltage restorer. Although the SVCs are a general solution, in most cases alternative measures should be checked before purchasing such an(More)
Voltage sag is one of the most important power quality problems affecting sensitive industrial equipment. Control panels consist of one or several units of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Contactors and Adjustable Speed Drives. These devices are all sensitive to voltage sags. When a voltage sag occurs, a contactor could trip or a PLC could reset while(More)
Voltage sag is one of the most frequent power quality problems found in industries and power system. Its effects can be numerous such as control equipment trips, process shutdown, and production losses. This paper reports three years of voltage sag measurements collected in a research lab. This site is located near many metal industries which lead to a(More)
Voltage sags are among the most important power quality problems affecting sensitive industrial equipment, including control panels. one or several units of programmable logic controllers (PlCs), contactors, and adjustable-speed drives (asDs) are present in an industrial control panel, and all of these are sensitive to voltage sags. When a voltage sag(More)
Utility-Accessible External Disconnect Switch (EDS) is an AC switch used in electric power systems to disconnect Distributed Energy Resources (DER) from the main grid during maintenance. The EDS utilization is intended for line worker safety, since it is currently the only mechanism to ensure galvanic disconnection between DER and distribution network.(More)
Dynamic voltage compensators have been playing important role in the protection of sensitive loads against disturbances, as voltage sags and swells. One implementation option for such equipment is based on the use of a conventional three-phase inverter, which is not able to inject zero sequence components. This paper evaluates the performance of a dynamic(More)
Photovoltaic (PV) power plants are a form of renewable energy and their importance is increasing all around the world. In Brazil, the PV power plants connected to the grid are regulated through a credit compensation, in which the prosumer pays the difference between consumed and generated energy. Medium voltage consumers pay different prices for the energy(More)
This paper presents a case study of a medium-voltage three-phase capacitor bank (CB) energization, based on an unsynchronized switching scheme using three independent pole vacuum switches simultaneously commanded. The motivations are cost reduction and simplification of the switching scheme. The maximum current and voltage peaks during transients caused by(More)
The power system is experiencing an expansion of distributed generators connected to the low voltage network. In this context appears the so-called microgrid, which consists of a group of electrical microsources, loads and storage elements controlled as a single unit whose may operate either connected to or islanded from the main grid. The microgrid can be(More)
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