Sidek H. A. Aziz

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This paper reports on a descriptive study that was conducted to assess existing levels of information and communication technology (ICT) competencies among the academic staff of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) according to gender. Specifically, it seeks to investigate if differences exist between females and males in terms of eight components (word(More)
This manuscript reports on the physical properties and optical band gap of five samples of soda lime silicate (SLS) glass combined with zinc oxide (ZnO) that were prepared by a melting and quenching process. To understand the role of ZnO in this glass structure, the density, molar volume and optical band gaps were investigated. The density and absorption(More)
In this research, we develop an ammonia gas sensor using plastic optical fibers. These chemically etched optical fibers were layered with a thin film of carbon nanotubes to enhance the sensing capability of the developed sensor. The sensor was then interrogated with different ratios of gaseous ammonia to synthetic air using a controlled gas testing setup.(More)
This paper reports the design and development of the e-SPRINT, Learning Management System, which has been derived from <i>Sistem Pengurusan Rangkaian Integrasi Notakuliah dalam Talian - mod Elektronik</i>) and currently being implemented at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). The e-SPRINT was developed by utilizing PERL (Practical Extraction and Report(More)
Spectrophotometric studies of lead borotellurite glasses were carried out before and after gamma irradiation exposure. The increasing peak on the TeO(4) bi-pyramidal arrangement and TeO(3+1) (or distorted TeO(4)) is due to augmentation of irradiation dose which is attributed to an increase in degree of disorder of the amorphous phase. The structures of lead(More)
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