Siddhartha Sankar Nath

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PURPOSE Fatty liver disease (FLD) is one of the most common diseases in liver. Early detection can improve the prognosis considerably. Using ultrasound for FLD detection is highly desirable due to its non-radiation nature, low cost and easy use. However, the results can be slow and ambiguous due to manual detection. The lack of computer trained systems(More)
The main reason behind pulmonary emphysema is mainly due to long-term smoking, and medical treatments are quite difficult. In worst cases, the structure of the lung can get damaged irreversibly. In this case, one of the most important parts is to detect the different stages of the diseases. This requires some well-trained radiologists to observe the changes(More)
According to recent researches, glaucoma, an optic nerve disease, is considered as one of the major causes which can lead to blindness. It has affected a huge number of people worldwide. Rise in intraocular pressure of the eye leads to the disease resulting in progressive and permanent visual loss. Texture of normal retinal image and glaucoma image is(More)
— Image registration refers to transforming one image with reference to another. Image registration has become one of the key applications in medical imaging, as medical images captured by different devices often leads to distortion. In our present work, we have studied the effect of four different registration techniques, namely 1) rigid transformation(More)
— In this paper, we review the current activity of image classification methodologies and techniques. Image classification is a complex process which depends upon various factors. Here, we discuss about the current techniques, problems as well as prospects of image classification. The main focus will be on advanced classification techniques which are used(More)
We prepare of ZnO quantum dots embedded in polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) matrix and report it's working as ethanol sensor. The samples have been prepared via quenching technique where bulk ZnO powder is cal-cined at very high temperature of 1200˚C and then quenched into ice cold polyvinylpyrrolidone solution. Thee acteiut the samples specimen have been(More)
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