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Al~straet This paper is concerned with finite mixture models in which the populations from one observation to the next are selected according to an unobserved Markov process. A new, full Bayesian approach based on the method of Gibbs sampling is developed. Calculations are simplified by data augmentation, achieved by introducing a population index variable(More)
SUMMARY This paper provides a practical simulation-based Bayesian and non-Bayesian analysis of correlated binary data using the multivariate probit model. The posterior distribution is simulated by Markov chain Monte Carlo methods and maximum likelihood estimates are obtained by a Monte Carlo version of the EM algorithm. A practical approach for the(More)
This paper is concerned with the Bayesian estimation and comparison of flexible, high dimensional multivariate time series models with time varying correlations. The model proposed and considered here combines features of the classical factor model with that of the heavy tailed univariate stochastic volatility model. A unified analysis of the model, and its(More)
This paper provides methods for carrying out likelihood based inference for diffusion driven models, for example discretely observed multivariate diffusions, continuous time stochas-tic volatility models and counting process models. The diffusions can potentially be non-stationary. Although our methods are sampling based, making use of Markov chain Monte(More)