Siddharth Shelly

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With significant advances in wired and wireless technologies and also increased shrinking in the size of VLSI circuits, many devices have become very large because they need to contain several large units. This large number of gates and in turn large number of transistors causes the devices to be more prone to faults. These faults especially in sensitive(More)
Fundamental mechanisms for Majoron emitting neutrinoless double beta decay in SU(3) C ⊗ G W ⊗ U(1) models, for electroweak flavor chiral extensions, G W = SU(3) L and SU(4) L are pointed out. Both kinds of known Majoron emitting processes, charged Majoron emitting where the massless Nambu-Goldstone boson itself carries lepton charge, L = −2, and the(More)
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