Siddharth Shankar

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Data sets of immense size are regularly generated on large scale computing resources. Even among more traditional methods for acquisition of volume data, such as MRI and CT scanners, data which is too large to be effectively visualized on standard workstations is now commonplace. One solution to this problem is to employ a 'visualization cluster,' a small(More)
Understanding fluid flow is a difficult problem and of increasing importance as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) produces an abundance of simulation data. Experimental flow analysis has employed techniques such as shadowgraph, interferometry, and schlieren imaging for centuries, which allow empirical observation of inhomogeneous flows. Shadowgraphs(More)
We present a review of two cases of bilateral abductor palsy of vocal cords with cords in paramedian position. The aetiology was not clear. As definitive treatment, arytenoidectomy and vocal cord lateralization on both sides were done by external laryngofissure approach. Objective of this review is to emphasize upon the fact that external procedures under(More)
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