Siddharth Priya

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The ever increasing demand in enhancing the ability of processors to handle the complex and challenging processes has resulted in the integration of a number of processor cores into one chip. Still the load on the processor is not less in generic system. This load is reduced by supplementing the main processor with Co-Processors, which are designed to work(More)
—Large software companies need customized tools to manage their source code. These tools are often built in an ad-hoc fashion, using brittle technologies such as regular expressions and home-grown parsers. Changes in the language cause the tools to break. More importantly, these ad-hoc tools often do not support uncommon-but-valid code code patterns. We(More)
In this paper a transportation problem is applied to determined the reduction in transportation cost of tools which appeared to be an important component of the total cost of production. The algorithm determines the initial basic feasible (IBFS) solution of transportation problem to minimize the cost. The result with an elaborate illustration demonstrates(More)
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